Advisory Board

“From the very beginning of the LUDI Action we have involved children with disabilities, their parents and representatives in our work, faithful to the motto “Nothing about us without us”. In all our meetings we made sure that the voice of our target population was represented and heard. An Advisory Board was established, providing us feedback on our publications and strategic decisions.

The members of the Advisory Board are:

Mrs. Kim Rabbie-Baauw (NL) – Mother of a child with disabilities, runs a company dedicated to the use of innovative technology to support children with disabilities, runs the website that provides practical information on how to cope with the needs of children with disabilities, and she’s a member of BOSK (Dutch client organization for people with CP);

 Miss Lucy Mason (UK) – A disabled person herself, she’s an activist for disabled children/young people’s rights, and runs projects related to play for children with disabilities;

 Katarzyna Swieczkowska (PL) – PSONI Parent Associations ( representative;

 Miro Griffiths MBE (UK) – Member of the Order of the British Empire, Miro has worked in disability rights for over twelve years and collaborated with various organisations, institutes and government departments on a wide range of issues pertaining to disability theory. He is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD Researcher at the Liverpool John Moores University;

Mr. Oliver Scicluna (MT) – Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD;”