Aosta – Italy

“The First Year of Work of the Network LUDI”

Agenda of the Meeting

January the 18th, 2016

Venue: University of Valle d’Aosta

Plenary Session. “Choosing Toys and Environments for Inclusive Play. Experiences, Models and Guidelines”

9.00. Serenella Besio, Full Professor of Special Pedagogy, University of Aosta Valley, Italy, Chair of the COST Action LUDI. Introduction and Conference presentation

9.15. Presentation of LUDI: the project and the state of the art of the Working Groups activities

10.15. Jean Bailey, Director of the National Lekotek Center, Chicago (USA). The National Lekotek Center: An Intervention Model for Children with Disabilities Utilizing Play

11.30. Michele Shapiro, Specialist of Sensorial Adaptation and Environmental Design, Raanana (Israel). Ensuring Participation for ALL Children: an Indoor Multi-sensory Environment, the Snoezelen, and an Outdoor Environment, ‘Friendship’ Playground

15.00. Maria Costa, Director of the Department of Pedagogy of the Instituto Tecnológico de Producto infantil y ocio, Alicante (Spain). Toys for inclusive play: Toys for all

16.00. Plenary session. Discussion with the invited experts. Moderator: Vice-Chair Pedro M. Encarnação

17.00. LUDI Working Group meetings.

January the 19th, 2016

Venue: University of Valle d’Aosta

9.00. LUDI Working Group meetings

12.30. Plenary session. Reports of the WG meetings by the WG leaders. Moderator: Daniela Bulgarelli

13.15. Pedro Encarnação, LUDI Vice-Chair. Closing the Conference

15.00. LUDI Action Management Committee

16.45. Closing the Management Committee works

17.00. Meeting of the Working Group Leaders and Vice-Leaders with the Chair and Vice-Chair

18.00. End of the works of the Action Meeting