Participants and selection criteria

The Call for the LUDI Training School “Play and Toys for All” obtained a great success! We received 41 applications for the positions financed by LUDI, and 29 applications for the positions made available by the Zuyd University!

Given that a great number of applications arrived, the LUDI Grant Holder Institution, the University of Aosta Valley (Italy), decided to reimburse the expenses (for an amount equal to the grant) to 4 additional participants: 2 devoted to applicants from the LUDI countries and 2 to applicants from the University itself.

Moreover, the Zuyd University gave its availability to host all the applicantions arrived in time.

Now, we can count on 22 positions funded with grants and 27 positions supported by the Zuyd University!

The processing of applications has now been finalized and the Trainees received the official invitation.


Final ranking list of the 41 applications for the 18 positions financed by LUDIm and the 4 positions financed by the University of Aosta Valley

LUDI TS_Ranking for webiste

Two applications from India could not be financed: according to the COST rules, Trainees eligible to be reimbursed have to come from Participating COST Full Members / COST Cooperating Members. Two applications were delivered when the deadline was over. One applicant stated that he/she will not be available to actually attend the School. Thus, these 3 applications were ranked as the last ones.

The applications covered 14 countries and many different disciplines (Occupational Therapy, Ppsychology, Engineering, Design, Pedagogy, etc.).

In the Graphs, applications are devided per Countries, clustered in Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC), no ITC and World.


Criteria to select the applications for the positions financed by LUDI

The following criteria have been hierarchically used to process the applications and draw up the Trainees’ ranking list; the criteria are related to the COST rules and to the objectives of the Training School:

  1. being a male, to assure the gender balance required by COST;
  2. at least one participant per country, to preserve the country balance required by COST;
  3. being a LUDI member;
  4. equal proportion (size of) between humanistic (education/health) and technological (engineering/design) fields, to assure the needed balance between the scientific areas, for the didactic purposes of the Training School;
  5. previous experiences in the field of “play for children with disabilities”;
  6. Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) have priority;
  7. younger age.


Twenty-nine applications were sent for the 24 local positions available through the Zuyd University; 2 of these applications were rejected because the deadline was over.

Zuyd University gave its availability to host all the 27 applicants.

LUDI TS_Ranking local