LUDI at AAATE Congress 2017 in Sheffield

LUDI at AAATE Congress 2017 – Sheffield UK

Within the activities of Working Group 2, which deals with tools and technologies for play of children with disabilities, 5 LUDI studies will present their works to the most important European conference on Assistive Technology.
Raymond Holt, University of Leeds, will introduce the LUDI Network on 13rd September
Then, 5 oral communications will follow, about research of members of the LUDI Network.

Our session is that related to AT for children.

The Session Chair is Raymond Holt, University of Leeds.

The presentations are the following ones:

  • “Dyscalculia” Serious Game for Skill Development of Children with Dyscalculia

Cecilia Sik Lanyi, University of Pannonia

  • “Sliders” Android Game – Improving Logical Skills of People with Disabilities

Tibor Guzsvinecz, University of Pannonia,

  • Android-based Daily Routine Organizing Application for Elementary School Students Living with ASD: Today, more and more children with Autism Spectrum disorder are diagnosed, which means that around 1% of the population is concerned

Cecilia Sik Lanyi, University of Pannonia

  • Designing Out the Play: Accessibility and Playfulness in Inclusive Play: Play is an important part of child development, yet disabled children are often excluded from the opportunity to play, either due to lack of accessible toys and games, or social pressures

Raymond John Holt, University of Leeds

  • Interactive Games with an Assistive Robotic System for Hearing-Impaired Children: This paper presents an assistive robotic system, which can recognize and express sign language words from a predefined set, within interactive games to communicate with and teach hearing impaired children sign language

Hatice Kose


For the detailed programme:

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