LUDI at the European Parliament in 2015

LUDI was hosted at the European Parliament on April 15th, 2015, to present the Network aims and objectives.

The Chair Serenella Besio, the Vice-Chair Pedro Encarnãçao and a LUDI task force  (Angharad Beckett,  Eva Brooks, Daniela Bulgarelli, Marco Carnesecchi, Fernando Loizides, Ben Robins, Vaska Stancheva-Popkostadinova and Panayiotis Zaphiris) met the EP Disability Intergroup: MP Brando Benifei (member), Mr. Etienne Cuche (European Parliament liaison officer for the European Disability Forum) and Dr. Inmaculada Placencia-Porrero (Deputy Head of Unit), for Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Directorate General for Justice).

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