LUDI at the TASP Conference 2016 in New Brunswick

This year LUDI is participating in the TASP Conference in New Brunswick (NJ – USA), from March 14th to March 16th. The conference is held by The Association for the Study of Play (TASP) and by the American Association for the Child’s Right to play (IPA/USA).
The 2016 TASP/IPA conference is an opportunity for the field to come together and explore the current state of play, including theoretical, empirical, and applied work that informs the knowledge of play throughout the lifespan and across contexts. The goal of the conference is to generate momentum to move the importance of play further into the public domain. The organizing committee has chosen the theme of Play on the Move and is eager to bring together a diverse group of researchers, practitioners, and advocates, both those new to play and those who have made it their life’ʹs work.
The LUDI Chair Serenella Besio will present a poster named: “LUDI – Play for children with disabilities. A European network to support the play of children with disabilities“, illustrating the LUDI mission, goals and organization.

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