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Potes Barbas
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COST Policies Coordinator, Management Committee Member
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Communication Multidedia
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Escola Superior de Educação de Santarem
Area of Work*
Instituto Politécnico de Santarém (IPS) that has a large expertise in VET with over 20 courses. IPS also has a large expertise in collaboration in international projects, including various as a coordinator, being the last one an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. CIONET PT (P9) will be the Portuguese sectoral organisation and will work as a pivotal point between CxOs/CIOs/CTOs, vendors, academia, decision makers, media and the overall society, having a broad vision of the entire ICT market and practices. The regulatory partner is DGERT (P8) which is the portuguese EQAVET will have a direct direct role in the VET and NEET citizens. Universidade Aberta (P2) (Open University - UAb), is a HEI with a large expertise in e-learning and research, and also a partner of IPS in several national and international projects.
Expertise Contributions*
Cost Policies: - Responsible for ensuring that the Action is consistent with the principles and rules of Cost; - Provide suggestions concerning COST policies to implement during the action regarding (Inclusiveness countries; Gender Balance issues; Involving of ESR). - Provide a report concerning the adherence to COST rules (every MC meeting)