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Design, Learning, Innovation; Interaction Design for Children; Play and Playful Learning
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Aalborg University
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Brooks’ research evolves around technologies for play, learning and rehabilitation, including the question of how toys and digital technologies can be designed to foster play and innovative forms of learning for people with different abilities. Understanding how the use of technologies for playful (non-formal) learning influences teaching and rehabilitating practices, and more broadly playful learning processes. This implies a focus on how people learn via creative activities and playful interactions, where the outcome of the play and learning process often is unknown and/or uncertain. She has a specific interest in methodologies and methods for qualitative and design oriented research.
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Brooks’ research contributes to the LUDI network by having a distinct child-centred approach to children’s play and development. In other words, she is focusing on play for the sake of play. Furthermore, she has a holistic approach when investigating children’s play and development, which contributes to a consideration of environmental, sociological, and pedagogical aspects when enabling children’s play opportunities.