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WG-member, Management Committee Substitute
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Occupational Therapy
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University of Haifa
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Occupational Therapy. Teaching students and practitioners about the importance of play for child development and methods to both evaluate and promote play. As a researcher, studying play characteristics of children with and without disabilities as well as the implications for intervention. As a therapist, facilitating children’s play in a clinical setting.
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My parallel work in the academic and clinical areas, as well as in research, has given me a comprehensive knowledge and perspective on children’s play. Together with a colleague, I developed 2 parent questionnaires that examine the play characteristics of children and relate to parental perceptions of their child's play skills and interests, parental attitudes towards play and the environmental context. We have collected data on over 900 typically developing children and are in the process of collecting data on children with special needs. An important aspect of my teaching and clinical work has been in providing knowledge and guidance to both practitioners and parents in how to nurture and promote the child’s play.