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4, 11
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Computer Engineering (AI and Robotics)
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Politecnico di Milano
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Interactive robots and multimedial systems (kinect, screen, tablet) to enable children with different abilities to participate in play, as well as to assess children’s cognitive, affective and motional skills and enable their evolution.
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I'm developing robot that can play since 1996, and games involving both people and autonomous robots since 5 years. I have accumulated quite a lot of experience in particular on the engagement mechanisms, on the use of low cost technology to develop games and autonomous technological entities, and on multimedial interaction. I'm working on games and people with different abilities since two years. My PhD was on Human-Computer Interaction, in-between Engineering and Cognitive Psychology, and my main research area is now Human-Robot Interaction. I collaborate with many teachers from elementary to high schools to use robots in their activities, mainly producing robots able to play games. I'm a Computer Engineer (and professor) with a quite consolidated background in Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning, and Robotics.