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Silvia Giordano directs the NetworkingLab, and is chairing the Social Area (ISIN-DTI). Her work in the field ad hoc networks produced several seminal papers in key research directions, with hundreds of citations. Recently, she started to investigate the area of social and human mobility with very innovative results and seminal work that calls for a new understanding of social distance.
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Silvia Giordano, together with Emmanuelle Rossini, was designing the Autoplay project, which is developing new knowledge about the natural evolution of play in infants. The project aims at building a friendly and unobtrusive solution for recognizing, in its early stage, abnormal profiles of ludic development (as for autism). AutoPlay toolkit could be regularly used by paediatricians and parents, allowing early treatments, improving their effectiveness, and, hopefully, paving the way for societal trend inversion of NDDs. This expertise, together with the skills in social and mobile networking will be cardinal for powerfully exploiting the integration of technical, statistical and social activities within LUDI. The study of the play from the developmental standpoint is a fundamental aspect of play for the sake of play. ICT can play a key role in supporting such direction, and open for for more consciousness of importance of play.