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3, 13
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Zuyd University
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1. researcher at the program of social robots in care: developing robot-assisted interventions for children with physical disabilities, for children with ASD to support play, to stimulate social interactions. Evaluating these interventions and support the implementation in daily care. 2. pediatric occupational therapy lecturer at the Occupational Therapy education program of Zuyd University: teaching about play for typically developing children and children with disabilities.
Expertise Contributions*
Experience in providing therapy interventions, in counseling parents and professionals, in taking part in research teams regarding diverse groups of children/youngsters with disabilities in diverse settings e.g. school, home, community. Emphasis on improving participation of child and significant others in their natural contexts. Play is obvious a natural way of developing for all children, part of daily life activities. Attention for environmental factors (e.g. physical, social, institutional), the occupations (e.g. self care, school tasks, play) and the person (e.g. abilities, experienced limitations) in order to contribute to an inclusive society.