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My research is focused on the design, development and validation of accessible technology targeted to users with disabilities in different application domains, standing out the education field. I also have experience and know-how in technology in the different user groups with disabilities. I am expert in accessibility and I have participated in the management of projects in the information and communication technologies (ICT) for people with disabilities scope, and I am very involved in subjects that concern of children with disabilities and their participation in the game through the use of accessible technology. Moreno has co-authored several journal publications and contributions are in the field of disability and technology.For years, she has been working with organizations doing transfer of technology and disseminating the best practices) of the research carried out. She has taken part in at least 20 European and national research projects in the field of technology for disability. Some projects of great importance as is the Spanish Center of Captioning and audio description (CESyA). She is a member of organizing committees and technicians at conferences in the field of Human-Machine Interaction, Software Engineering and Accessibility; editor of specific publications in the field of Disability and Technology. Also, she is a member of the Board of Spanish Human-Machine Interaction Association (AIPO). She belongs to the Working Group AEN 71/SC36/GT 12 of the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), for the development of standard UNE: Quality of digital educational materials, PNE 71362, dealing with quality based on accessibility. For further information about Lourdes Moreno, access the following website:
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My expertise is the accessibility from engineering view. My research works are in the field of software engineering and human computer interaction disciplines. According to my knowledge, I would work on defining methods for evaluating play technology for children with disabilities. This evaluation approach is based on accessibility and ergonomic standards. This approach will be complementary to the evaluation of pedagogical aspects made by experts from other disciplines such as pedagogy and psychology. The research work of this Action through multidisciplinary research team brings a wealth of this initiative because the characteristics of the interaction of the children with disabilities with technology like game are very heterogeneous and it is necessary knowledge from different area to obtain consistent results. I'm in the WG2, according to my expertise I think is the best contribution that I can carry out.