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Play and participation of young children with ADHD, Autism and DCD
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Arteveldehogeschool Ghent and University of Ghent
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ARTEVELDEHOGESCHOOL High-quality research and services, focused on innovation and professionalisation of practice, are the trade mark of the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent. The policy for research and services within the Arteveldehogeschool is based on four thematic priorities: communication, perception and imaging educational organization and competences and Entrepreneurship, youth culture care, welfare and self-reliance research and service centers. Every year researchers, students and external partners work together in projects around current themes and they develop applications for practice. GHENT UNIVERSITY, abbreviated to UGent, was founded in 1817 by King William I of Orange. The past 200 years, Ghent University employed many eminent scientists such as Nobel Prize winner Corneille Heymans, Leo Baekeland, Joseph Guislain, Walter Fiers, Marc Van Montagu, Peter Piot,... You'll also find many prominent persons among our alumni such as Robert Cailliau (co-inventor of the Internet), Dirk Frimout (astronaut), Peter Piot (United Nations) and Jacques Rogge (former Chairman IOC). Today, Ghent University is one of the major Belgian universities counting over 41,000 students and 9,000 employees. Our 11 faculties are composed of 117 faculty departments. These departements offer more than 230 high-quality courses in every one of their scientific disciplines, each inspired by innovative research. UNIVERSITY OF GHENT distinguishes itself as a socially committed and pluralistic university in a broad international perspective.
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I'm an occupational therapist working in a private practice with young children with all different kinds of disablities. Within the Occupational therapy sessions, together with the parents of the children, I focus on play for the sake of play. Playing togheter has tremendous benefits and should therefore be as equally important to work on as for instance learning how to count. Together with parents, schoolteachers and others we work all together in achieving to let children JUST PLAY.