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My field is Disability Politics. My central concern is equality and social justice for disabled people and challenging ableism. I am interested in the development of anti-oppressive practices, especially amongst professionals working with disabled people. Previous research relevant to LUDI includes ESRC-funded research into the representation of disability within children's books/novels, the ESRC-funded project: 'Disability Equality in English Primary Schools' and the Leverhulme-funded project: 'Designing for Inclusive Play: facilitating meaningful play between disabled and non-disabled children'. The latter research project involved collaboration with colleagues in Engineering. I am keen to develop interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to issues of social concern. Currently I am working with a leading social justice charity - Cambridge House, London - on a sports-based education program involving inclusive games for disabled and non-disabled children, with the goal being to reduce disability discrimination.
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My field is Disability Politics. I contribute a rights-based approach. I believe disabled children should have the right to play - just for fun. That said, I do not ignore the wider benefits of play for disabled children and am also concerned that in not being enabled to play, they also risk losing the benefits of this activity. I have expertise in participatory and emancipatory research methodologies which place central importance upon providing a platform for the voices of disabled people and involving them as co-researchers. I also have considerable experience of working with groups of disabled and non-disabled children to understand the barriers and facilitators of them playing together.