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Deutsches Jugendinstitut (German Youth Institute))
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Ursula Winklhofer, holder of an M.A. in Communication Studies, Education and Psychology and a graduate diploma in Social Education, is a senior researcher at the German Youth Institute in Munich (Children and Child Care Unit). She was responsible for the project “Scientific Support of the Implementation of the National Action Plan 'For a Germany Fit for Children 2005 – 2010'”. From 2011 - 2013 she has been in charge of the EU-funded Project “Re-play – Raising awareness of the value of play” at the German Youth Institute (Publication: Results of the Re-play Survey in eight European Cities). Her current research interests are in the areas of childhood research and children's living conditions, child-related policies, children's rights and participation of children and young people. We are starting a research project concerning peer relations in the context of inclusive primary schools, this project will also focus on the issue of play.
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Research activities concerning the living conditions of children, children and play, children's rights and starting research focussing on the everyday life experiences of children with disabilities.