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NYOYN’s interactive light wall ‘the Nebula’ is commonly used in education and healthcare, for children (and adults) with and without disabilities. The Nebula creates a relaxed and welcome atmosphere and it can function as a tool for the medical professionals. It has opened doors for a new way of working, like duo therapies or rehabilitating using challenging and playful interactions. In close cooperation with specialists in care, the Nebula has already been successfully implemented in the complex care, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. Children emerge in the wealth of challenges the Nebula offers in the area of education, social interaction, competitive gaming and motor skills. They can play educational games without supervision and the broad range of content keeps the Nebula challenging and fun for all ages.
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NYOYN designs and develops anything that’s interactive! Aside from our own product lines we commonly work with various organisations to develop specific projects for these organisations. Whether it’s a product, serious game or a large installation. With our interactive projects we stimulate playful learning in schools, modern rehabilitation in the care sector, or magical experiences in public spaces. Our main expertise is in the following areas: Concepts & Solutions: We realize creative and future proof solutions by collaborating with experts within the user group. Interactive Electronics: We have a creative and hands-on approach towards electronics. In our projects technology is never a goal, it always serves the concept! Interactive Software: We develop software for several systems. Software is often a part of the project, but it can also be the final product. Serious games for education and health care are a good example of this.