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CEAPAT has cooperated with AIJU for about 20 years. AIJU is the Technological Institute of Toy, the most valuable Spanish entity that makes research and assessment about toys and games. Occupational therapists and psychologists who work in CEAPAT yearly support AIJU in the validation of the accessibility of the commercial toys. The outcome of this work is the publication of the annual Guide of Games and Toys whose goal is to assess families and professionals on the selection of the most appropriate toy for a child with disability. Furthermore, CEAPAT has been deeply involved with AIJU and a Spanish toys manufacturer to create dolls under the paradigm of Design for All. The result of this cooperation was the so called product “Dolls for All”. Since middle nineties, CEAPAT team adapts, develops and validates technology to make accessible toys, games and daily living objects for children with motor and sensorial disabilities. This activity is carried out both for educational, ludic and home contexts.
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CEAPAT mission deals with the achieveness of universal accessibility and personal autonomy in all environments. Therefore, our expertise to make accessible toys empowers children with disabilities to participate in playing activities. The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), published by WHO, and the ISO definition of Support Products emphasizes the importance of participation. Toys´ accessibility propels playing activities and participation of children with disabilities. This enhancement allows them to interacting with their social environment in equality of conditions.