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Dvorah Agmon Preschool Development Center
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In my work as an occupational therapist I engineer the environment I’m in to promote the child’s initiation and participation in various play opportunities. I feel it’s important to follow the child’s lead while giving him the understanding that I’m there for him to ask for help if he/she require it. All along I provide an ongoing commentary of what is happening In the play setting. While being playful, I encourage playfulness and interactive play with another child/children while ensuring, success and enjoyment of the process thus allowing gains in self-esteem. When interacting with children with developmental delays, I choose activities and play materials that are adapted to the children’s ability but keeping in mind their interest and motivation. Every couple of weeks the children get to lend a toy/game that is of their interest and suited for their abilities while at the same time I instruct the family on the various possible and creative ways to play with it. While taking into account the parent’s developmental goals, the parents are encouraged to ask for guidance on ways to facilitate active initiation in the play activity.
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In order to promote play for the sake of play for children who are differently abled I feel that one need’s a clear knowledge of the child, his abilities, his family, culture and environment. This means that when I first meet a child I give myself and him the time to get to know each other , make him feel comfortable to be himself. At the same time I have to have an updated knowledge of his developmental profile (physical, cognitive, medical, and emotional) and seek existing knowledge on information that is new to me. This means that if the child has Cerebral Palsy for example, I have to have updated knowledge on this specific topic, so I can make the play situation as suited for him as possible. For example, if he/she has Cortical Visual Impairment, then I should adapt his play materials and environment so he can best use his functional vision to succeed in play. If he has high muscle tone, I would adapt the toy using assistive technology by which will enable him to play independently, or teach him to be independent using powered mobility so he can play with his friends outside.