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virtual reality, multimedia, serios games, HCI, usability, colour science
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University of Pannonia, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Virtual Environments and Imaging Technologies Research Laboratory
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We would like to develop serious games for children with intellectual disabilities. These games can be used on modern tablets. We will test them in special schools. We can create several personas for usability testing or other work in progress testing. We will participate in the WP2 Tools and technologies for play of children with disabilities and in the WP4: Methods, tools and frameworks for the development of the child with disabilities’ play. Furthermore we would like to write scientific journal papers as disseminations task.
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The research achievements of the laboratory span the use multimedia and virtual environments in rehabilitation and teaching. From among the results of the investigations conducted in the field of virtual environments and multimedia we would like to mention the use of these new informatics possibilities in rehabilitation and education, as well as design for all. The results of the Laboratory can be used in the rehabilitation of children with several disabilities, in the education of students with intellectual disability and in the documentation of the rehabilitation progress.