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Istanbul Technical University
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I'm working on Social and asistive robots for the rehabilitation and education of disabled children. My work focuses on childrne with autism and children with hearing disabilities. We had a project "Robotic Sign Language Tutor", where the aim is to asist children who can not verbally communicate, learn sign language through the games with the robots. Since these children can not benefit from verbal games, games featuring sign language had a good impact on their motivation and development. The robotic/avatar system can both recognize and generate words in sign language. We are capable of recognizing gestures /actions of children using RGB-D sensors, and generating human-like smooth gestures in avatars and robots. Currently, we are working on a new project, which will translate the written educational materials for children to sign language using virtual avatars.
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We are experienced in social robotics, avatar systems, sensors to recognize children's action and gestures, and capable of generating necessary feedback in both verbal and nonverbal terms with the robots, and virtual avatar systems, through interaction games. We have experience in working with hearing impaired children, and designing game setups, using visual instructions, instead of complex written or verbal instructions as usual, which decrease the need for a translator, or external help.