Poland – Gdansk

“Preparing final activities of the Action. The future of LUDI”

Agenda of the Meeting

September the 28th, 2017

Venue: Gdansk University of Technology

8.30. Prof. Dr Hab. Piotr Dominiak, prof. zw. PG prorektor ds. internacjonalizacji i innowacji. Welcome and greetings

8.45. Serenella Besio, Chair of the COST Action LUDI. The COST Action LUDI Play For Children With Disabilities. Who we are, what we want, what we have done until now

Plenary Session. “Toy and game companies present their products”

9.00. PLANTOYS, Thailand. Trirong Virapornsawan, Quality and Development Manager

9.30. MINILAND, Spain. Rosa Torres, International Sales Manager

10.00. CHICCO, Italy. Morena Colli, Group Product Manager Preschool Toys, & Giacomo Milani, Development of International Toys Business Responsible

10.30. TREFL, Poland. Agnieszka Walczac, Category Manager, & Aneta Wróblewska, Project Manager

11.30. Katarzyna Swieczkowska, PSONI Parent Associations Representative. The children with disabilities have the right to rest

11.50. Kacper Glowczewski. Toys in development of children with disabilities. A father’s perspective

12.15. Maria Costa and Odile Perino. LUDI toys and games Evaluation Tool: a first presentation

14.30. Round Table with Plantoys, Miniland, Chicco and Trefl. Children with disabilities and their families: can they be new customers of toys and games? Play companies meet the LUDI members. Chairs of the Session: Maria Costa and Agnieszka Landowska

16.00. LUDI Working Groups meet together for updating their works

18.00. Closing the first day

September the 29th, 2017

Venue: Gdansk University of Technology

8.30. LUDI Working Groups Session

11.30. Serenella Besio. Gathering information on the past and planning the future of the Action

12.00. LUDI: the State of the Art of the WGs Activities: an Overview of the Obtained Results and a Discussion on the Met Difficulties. Plans to Finalize the Activities

14.00. News from the active LUDI Task Forces

  • Accessibility of playgrounds – Helen Lynch
  • Accessibility of playful software and apps – Noa Nitzan and Dana Cappel
  • Assessment of accessibility and usability of toys – Maria Costa and Odile Perino
  • Legislation and policy – Helen Lynch
  • Systematic literature review on children with disabilities play needs – Pedro Encarnação

15.30. Rianne Jansens. Report on the first Training School in Heerlen (NL)

16.00. Pedro Encarnação, LUDI Vice-Chair. Closing the Conference

16.30. LUDI Action Management Committee Meeting

18.00. Closing of the Action Management CommitteeMeeting