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At October 22 and 23, 2015 took this conference place in Almere, the Netherlands. This conference was aiming to bring technology developers, researchers and professionals, using robots with clients of all ages, together. I estimate that most of the 130 participants were having a technology, engineering background. Some of them social sciences and psychology researchers. Just a few professionals working in education or health care

On behalf of LUDI and my colleagues Serenella Besio and Pedro Encarnação, I was presenting the work of LUDI with emphasis on how we address technology in our network. Attached you’ll find the abstract. The presentation with the title: LUDI: a Pan-European Network Addressing Technology to Support Play for Children with Disabilities, was a dissemination action of our network. We were hoping to inspire the participants with the work we are doing and to present the LUDI database.

The formal and informal reactions I’ve received, emerged the thoughts that a lot of researchers and developers are very busy with the what question: what exists in robotics, what can we develop, what can we improve. Less important seemed to be the why question: why is it important, what about the users’ perspective? The indisciplinary European cooperation within LUDI gained positive comments.

The presentation was showing LUDI’s database, inviting the participants to submit their data as well so we will gain a lot of data with a lot of variety of play experiences with robots. To support this process, LUDI leaflet and LUDI database leaflet were hand over.

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