LUDI Position statement

The LUDI Position Statement is one of means of the Network to interact with European organizations and institutions, to state that topics related to play and childhood, to the children’s needs, especially in case of disability, should be taken into account more deeply in the next years at a European level. The Position Statement has been approved in January 2017 by the LUDI Core Group.

LUDI Books

The LUDI books are open access.
Play development in children with disabilties (Besio, Serenella / Bulgarelli, Daniela / Stancheva-Popkostadinova, Vaska, Eds.)


Download the book for free here

Barriers to Play and Recreation for Children and Young People with Disabilities (Barron, Carol / Beckett, Angharad / Coussens, Marieke / Desoete, Annemie / Cannon Jones, Nan / Lynch, Helen / Prellwitz, Maria / Fenney Salkeld, Deborah)


LUDI database

LUDI has developed a database containing several technologies and studies to support play for children with disabilities, paying special attention to the role played by technological devices. The database is useful for parents, educators and therapists who are looking for technologies to support play, as well as researchers and developers who would like to have an overview of the current applications.

The Database is available at: