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Università della Valle d'Aosta - Université de la Vallée d'Aoste The Department of Human and Social Sciences of the UNIVDA includes the field of Special Education, in which topics related to disability and quality of life of persons with disabilities are studied and also disseminated to students.
INDIRE INDIRE (National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research) is the oldest research institute of the Italian Ministry of Education. It was founded in 1925 as a National Educational Exhibition with the aim of collecting and exploiting school activities of that period. Over the years, it has always accompanied the evolution of the Italian school system. Today, the Institute is the reference point for educational research. INDIRE promotes school innovation processes: developing new teaching models, testing the use of ICT in education and training, redefining the relationship between space and time in learning and teaching.
Università di Torino - Dipartimento di psicologia
University of Florence
Lithuanian College of Democracy Lithuanian College of Democracy, founded in 1997, a non-governmental scientific association, seeking to promote the ideas of democracy in society and social innovation. The College organizes seminars, develops projects and programs for the promotion of democracy, civic education and development to carry out the program of public education, public debates, publication of material, and promotion of researches in a cooperation with Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.
Lithuanian College of Democracy (LDUK) Our mission is the initiation of positive social changes by performing fundamental and applied research as well as implementing related initiatives and programmes in the spheres of social development, education and children wellbeing.
University Children's Hospital
Institute of mental health for children and youth- Skopje, Macedonia . Institute of mental health for children and youth is the only one of such kind organization in our country, which dealing with all spectrum of psychopathology in children and youth: developmental, psychological, speech, affect, psychotic and other disease in diagnostic and therapeutic approach.
Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA) has the role of initiating and coordinating the national research programs and of performing high-level research in selected multidisciplinary areas, related to modern technologies and their impacts. MASA is involved in several EU projects and is the focal point for Macedonia of several international networks and bodies. In the framework of MASA there are Department of Medical Sciences and Division for Neuroinformatics with a multidisciplinary team (medical doctors, psychologists, electrical engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians) which carried out research and participate in seven research projects relevant to the subject of the LUDI project (electric neuronal oscillations and cognition and application of bioinformatics/biofeedback to cognitive and behavioural disorders).
Speech & Language Department The Speech Language Department (SLD) was established in 1981. The department offers services in Malta and Gozo under the auspices of Primary Health Care.
Inspire Inspire believes that everyone has a right to equality and inclusion. Our mission is to try to help everyone with a disability achieve this. We do this by providing individuals and their families with educational, therapeutic and leisure services. We also advocate for inclusion, educate the general public, raise awareness among peers, and hold the best knowledge base on disability on the island.
Zuyd University Centre of expertise for innovative care and technology. In cooperation with therapists, special education teachers and parents of children with disabilities we investigate the added value and support the implementation of robots/assistive technology/e-health in daily care.
NYOYN NYOYN is a creative company that designs and develops future proof solutions for organisations searching for social innovation. We develop innovative products with a focus on interaction and user experience. Our key product is the Nebula, an interactive light wall which is used in education, health care and serious gaming. To realize innovative solutions we work closely together with our clients and end users. Our team combines a great diversity of expertise and experience in design, technology, software-development, prototyping and project management. This allows us to play a key role in any stage of a project, from design to execution.
Zuyd University of Applied Science
Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Research group People and technology Research group studying the mutual influence of people and technology in diverse application domains, e.g. rehabilitation.