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SUPSI DEASS The area of the Health Department business administration, health and social (DEASS) is characterized by a systemic approach and interdisciplinary aims to train health professionals well prepared and competent, able to respond in a targeted manner to the needs of users and be able to adapt constantly to new and more complex scenarios of the health system. The DEASS is involved in research that are characterized by their size in application areas.
University of Geneva EESP University of applied science
HETS&Sa EESP The occupational therapy department of the university of applied sciences EESP of Lausanne is conducting researches on significant everyday occupations such as play
Istanbul Technical University Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is the oldest university in Turkey with around 30000 students and more than 1000 Faculty members. ITU is one of the leading universities of Turkey in both engineering education and research with around 3000 PhD and 7000 MSc students. ITU Computer Engineering Department is competent in numerous research fields including machine learning, big data analytics, human-computer/robot interaction, robotics and computer networks research. The department hosts several EU and TUBITAK (THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF TURKEY) funded projects.
Gazi University
Gazi University One of the oldest and reputable state universities in Turkey.
University of Hertfordshire Higher education organization
University of Sheffield The HCS department is one that teaches and researches all forms of communication & communication disorders & disabilities across the lifespan.
Tracks (autism) TRACKS is a Centre of Excellence for pre-school children with autism spectrum conditions. The highly qualified staff/director team offer a range of specialist skills to provide individual programmes of teaching and learning. Learning materials include Sherborne Developmental Movement, (Sherborne 2001) and Sensory Circuits (Horwood 2009). The SPELL Framework (Beadle-Brown et al 2009), provides a structure for good practice. TRACKS contribute to a research project at the University of Hertfordshire in using robots to develop social interaction and communication skills. ( TRACKS have an ‘open door’ policy providing a ’listening ear’ for parent/carers during times of crisis. Parent workshops support parents to manage the challenges of everyday
University of Leeds
University of Leeds The University of Leeds is world-famous for academic excellence, cutting-edge research and inspirational teaching. The institution is part of the prestigious Russell Group, consisting of the UK's top research-led unversities. It is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. The university has many Centres of Excellence in research including the Centre for Disability Studies or CDS ( This interdisciplinary Centre is a world leader in this field. The Centre's research is recognised as one of the 10 ways the University of Leeds has changed the world, helping to position 'disability' as a significant equality and human rights concern:
University of Leeds
Cardiff University