The Third Action meeting of the LUDI European project in Aosta (Italy) on 18 and 19 January 2016

60 researchers and professionals will discuss the theme of play
and children with disabilities

The meeting agenda can be found here.

The Meeting, entitled “The first year of work of the network LUDI”, will be attended by about sixty researchers and professionals, from 30 countries, and will be dedicated, in its part, to deepen the issue of choosing the most appropriate toy in the case of children with disabilities.

The Meeting will start with a plenary session with invited guests, which will develop the theme “Choosing toys and environments for inclusive play. Experiences, models, and guidelines”. LUDI hosts in this occasion the representatives of some of the most lively and interesting initiatives in the field of the “special toy”. They are:

  • Jean Bailey, Director of the National Lekotek Center, Chicago (USA) – – a nonprofit organization that provides a range of services to improve the lives of children with disabilities through play and the use of toys;
  • Bryon Torres, Director of HopToys, Montpellier (France) – – a company that offers to parents and professionals targeted solutions in the fields of toys and adapted tools for children with disabilities;
  • Michele Shapiro, specialist in sensorial adaptation and environmental design, Raanana (Israel), who will present two projects of the Center Beit Issie Shapiro: the use of the Dutch sensorial space Snoezelen and the development of a playground called “Friendship”;
  • Maria Costa, Director of the Department of Pedagogy of the Instituto Tecnológico de Producto infantil y ocio, Alicante (Spain) – – who will provide twenty-five years now experience of the “Guja AIJU of juego y juguete” (now in its version 3.0), which includes an assessment of the accessibility of products.


During the two-day meeting, the four working groups in which the Action is divided will discuss the theme under various perspectives – from technology to social inclusion, from accessibility of toys to theoretical aspects of play – and analyze documents and materials developed so far. Then the discussions’ results will be shared in plenary session, to organize the implementation of the next steps planned.

On Tuesday afternoon the LUDI Management Committee of the project will discuss its scientific, management and organizational aspects, to reach the further envisaged goals.

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