Play and Toys for All

The LUDI Training School “Play and Toys for All” is a vehicle to share the collected and the new knowledge developed within the COST Action TD1309 “LUDI – Play for Children with Disabilitiesand to disseminate best practices in the field of play for children with disabilities.  
The aim of the event is to train participants who have an interest in the main research topics of LUDI: play, children with disabilities, societal barriers, play for the sake of play, toys and technology for play, inclusive play.
The LUDI Training School shows play for children with disabilities as a holistic concept: an activity that happens thanks to a ludic and effective encounter between a child with some type of impairment/s and his or her life contexts, made of persons (peers, adults) – thus relationships, attitudes and psycho-emotional elements – but also of toys, technologies, natural or built environments.
To reach this purpose, the LUDI Training School mirrors the inter-professional approach of the network.
The main objectives of the Training School and their relation to the LUDI vision:

  • showing the approach “play for the sake of play”: play is a right and a fundamental, free and necessary activity in childhood;
  • building an approach to play that takes into consideration the whole person within his/her life context/s, from a multidisciplinary point of view;
  • improve the awareness of the importance of inclusive play;
  • showing how society can encourage and support play for the sake of play for all children;
  • sharing information and knowledge about the concepts of usability and accessibility related to toys, instruments and technologies;
  • adapting a User Centred Design approach.

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