Usability and accessibility review of tools and devices (smartphones and tablets) used in therapy on children with disabilities.

Host: Speech and Language Clinic  that forms part of TAASC

         Team for the Assessment of Attention and Social Communication

(Veronica Montanaro, MALTA)


Visitor: Noemí Rando Hernández (from AIJU, Spain)

 During the STSM Noemí was visiting different institutions to accomplish her objectives:

  • INSPIRE Center: to view the facilities and learn about the different activities that are carried out in the centre, the way in which activities are organised, about the methodology and approaches used and the therapy that is implemented.
  • FITA (Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility): to consult with Ms Veronica Montanaro and Ms Noemí Rando about a new application that is being designed for individuals with a disability.
  • Speech and Language Clinic
  • School at San Miguel Resource Centre
  • Old University of Malta to review several cases in which tablets could be used as an element for play and therapy.
  • Association of Speech-Language Pathologists Malta (ASLP)
  • ACTU (Access for Communication and Technology Unit).

All of these activities allowed Noemí learning about different therapy experiences, to offer to users a good play by the adaptation of teaching materials to a play format and didactic play resources.

The experience has been extremely useful and rewarding for both sides. It was beneficial for the experts from Malta, who received information from Noemí (AIJU) about methods of working and the type of resources (toys and games) which could be useful for them (and for children with disabilities) and it was particularly useful for Noemí (AIJU), as she was able to observe each day how new technologies are used with disabled children and how to modify and adapt them to the needs of each user.

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