WG2 – Tools and technologies for the play of children with disabilities


This field provides a comparison and discusses issues related to assessing the usability and effectiveness of tools and technologies.

The Work group aims to produce:

– Repertoire of systems for evaluating the usability and accessibility of the toys and technologies for the children with disabilities’ play.

– Guidelines for evaluating the accessibility and usability of toys and technologies for the children with disabilities’ play.

– Standard rules for the design and development of technological products and toys for the play of children with disability.

Leader: Rianne  Jansens
Vice-Leader: Pedro Encarnação

WG 2 of LUDI has developed a LUDI database of assistive technology to support play for children with disabilities.

With these database LUDI aims to collect data about

–        play experiences with different devices, in different contexts of play, with (adapted) toys or low and high technological products and during different kind of services (e.g., therapeutic, educational, research).

–        usability and accessibility of devices used for the play.

We like to invite you to add data at http://ludi.utad.pt and to view data submitted by others

Group Members

TitleLast Name*First Name*Country*Role in the Network*Picture*
Dr Encarnação Pedro Portugal Action Vice-chair, WG-member, Core Group Member
Dr Rocha Tânia Portugal WG-member
Ms Amelina Natalia Russian Federation Invited Expert
Prof Sodnik Jaka Slovenia WG-member, Management Committee Member
Dr Stojmenova Duh Emilija Slovenia Management Committee Member
Dr Moreno Lourdes Spain Management Committee Substitute
Dr Costa Maria Spain Management Committee Member
Ms Rando Noemí Spain Management Committee Substitute
Mr Garcia Jorge Spain Invited Expert
Ms Alvarez Lucía Pérez-Castilla Spain WG-member
Dr Jaume-i-Capó Antoni Spain Management Committee Substitute
Prof Valero Miguel Spain WG-member, Management Committee Member
Prof Giordano Silvia Switzerland WG-member, Management Committee Substitute
Prof Thommen Evelyne Switzerland WG-member, Management Committee Member
Prof Kose Hatice Turkey WG-member, Management Committee Member