WG2 – Tools and technologies for the play of children with disabilities


This field provides a comparison and discusses issues related to assessing the usability and effectiveness of tools and technologies.

The Work group aims to produce:

– Repertoire of systems for evaluating the usability and accessibility of the toys and technologies for the children with disabilities’ play.

– Guidelines for evaluating the accessibility and usability of toys and technologies for the children with disabilities’ play.

– Standard rules for the design and development of technological products and toys for the play of children with disability.

Leader: Rianne  Jansens
Vice-Leader: Pedro Encarnação

WG 2 of LUDI has developed a LUDI database of assistive technology to support play for children with disabilities.

With these database LUDI aims to collect data about

–        play experiences with different devices, in different contexts of play, with (adapted) toys or low and high technological products and during different kind of services (e.g., therapeutic, educational, research).

–        usability and accessibility of devices used for the play.

We like to invite you to add data at http://ludi.utad.pt and to view data submitted by others

Group Members

TitleLast Name*First Name*Country*Role in the Network*Picture*
Prof Ozdemir Selda Turkey WG-member, Management Committee Member
Prof Ozdemir Suat Turkey WG-member, Management Committee Substitute
Dr Robins Ben United Kingdom WG-member, Networking Manager, Management Committee Member, Core Group Member
Dr Holt Raymond United Kingdom WG-member, Management Committee Substitute