WG3 – Contexts for play of children with disabilities

wg3The working group will study in-depth all the aspects of context that may affect the quality, effectiveness and inclusiveness of the child with disabilities’ play, including natural and artificial environments, formal, non formal and informal educational contexts, interpersonal relationships among peers and to support the play by adults.

It aims to create:

A Repertoire of playing experiences with children with disabilities (categorized according to types of impairment, tools and contexts).

Models for intervention and support of play development of the child with disabilities in inclusive contexts.

Models for the effective use of technology and assistive technology to support play of children with disabilities. (16-30 Months)

Leader: Angharad Beckett

Vice-Leader: Carol Barron

Group Members

TitleLast Name*First Name*Country*Role in the Network*Picture*
Dr Prellwitz Maria Sweden WG-member
Dr Schulze Christina Switzerland WG-member, Management Committee Substitute
Ms Cannon Jones Nan United Kingdom WG-member
Dr Beckett Angharad United Kingdom WG Leader, Management Committee Member, Core Group Member
Dr de Beco Gauthier United Kingdom WG-member