Working Groups

Group 1 – Children’s play in relation to the types of disabilities

The working group, among other deliverables, aims to develop theoretical models descriptive of play development of children with disabilities and theoretical models for the evaluation of the play of children with disabilities.

Group 2 – Tools and technologies for the play of children with disabilities

This field provides a comparison and discusses issues related to assessing the usability and effectiveness of tools and technologies.

Group 3 – Contexts for play of children with disabilities

The working group will study in-depth all the aspects of context that may affect the quality, effectiveness and inclusiveness of the child with disabilities’ play, including natural and artificial environments, formal, non formal and informal educational contexts, interpersonal relationships among peers and to support the play by adults.

Group 4 – Methods, tools and frameworks for the development of the child with disabilities’ play

This area of research aims at developing all the partial studies conducted previously, with the goal of an exhaustive overview and a further dissemination of intervention models, training and policies addresses. This research is directed at professionals in health, education, industry fields, policy makers, and last but not least at the members of the child with disabilities’ family.